Bra Fitting

Let’s find you a bra that actually fits.

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There are so many factors that go into fitting a bra and making sure you look great and feel comfortable and confident. What is the shape of your breast? How dense is your tissue? What is the position of your sternum? Have you ever had surgery on your breasts? Is one side larger than the other (as it is for most women)? What are your goals from your bra? Do you want to feel secure? Sexy? Both? What kind of necklines and clothing do you wear?

Bra fitting is a really tough DIY activity. There are experts out there (us!) for a reason! Leave the bra fitting to us, and you can just enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things that magically make you feel great, and by people who are there just to help you get a great fit and feel comfortable and confident.

Here’s what bra fitting entails

Click the button in the top menu of our website to make an appointment. Appointments for a fitting are highly recommended. If we know you are coming, we can be sure we have time set aside just for you! Fitting appointments are scheduled for an hour for new customers and half an hour for return customers. We want to know about you, so we’ll spend a bit of time learning about your life and how to make your undergarments work with your wardrobe and your activities. What do you like to do? What do you like to wear? What do you care about most? (In life – we really like to know our customers.)

Once you come in, we will look at the bra you are wearing now. What do you love? What do you not love so much? What would make your life better? If you’d like, bring some other bras for us to take a look at. Show us a couple of your favorites (or your duds) so we know just what makes you happy (or unhappy).
Next we try on a few options. This is where we dial in your size and fit and find the perfect shapes that will work best for your body and your life.

Are we going to see your boobs? Yep. That’s going to happen. Is that weird? Nope, we do it Every. Single. Day.

Whether you’re a shrinking violet or like to let it all hang out there, our goal is to make you feel comfortable and supported and get you just what you need.