In Defense of Size Inconsistency

One of the most common complaints I hear about bras is the inconsistency of fit from style to style and brand to brand.

“Why can’t they just make bra fitting consistent? Then I would know my size and I could find things that fit me properly.”

And I’m here to tell you that, not only is that not true, but consistent fitting in bras would make sure that a lot of people were left out.

Let’s compare bras to jeans for a moment, shall we? I love this comparison. Most of our customers wear jeans, love them, and understand that there is some kind of beautiful magic in a pair of close fitting, perfectly comfortable jeans. Jeans fit close to the body, and yet they are comfortable and make you feel great… when they are the right jeans, that is.

My best friend and I are built completely differently. Where she is slim through the hip and thigh, I am what could politely be called “juicy”. Where her waist is trim but straight, mine nips in. We are the same height, we both love hiking and skiing, but we do NOT wear the same style of jeans. Jeans that would fit her would not fit me in any size. I could try every size available and they still would be too big in some places, too small in others. The same is true for her. My jeans are not the right jeans for her, hers are not the right jeans for me. But I sure am glad that both styles and fits of jeans are available out there in the world so we can each find something that makes us feel great and look pretty good, too.

Bras are no different. Let me be clear: I do not mean poor craftsmanship or construction. I do not mean a gross inconsistency within a collection or within a size run. What I mean is that a 36D is not just a 36D. Lots of options exist in that (and any) size that fit different bodies depending on size of the breast, size of the rib cage, density and position of breast tissue, sternum position, position of the breast on the body, and then what sort of appearance you want to have under (or without!) your clothes.

At Lace & Day, we celebrate the wide range of bra types, sizes, and styles available the same way we celebrate the wide range of body sizes and shapes we see every single day.

Holly Constantine Ortman
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